Water Based Pomade: What Can You Get Out Of It


The pomade (taken from the French word “pommade” meaning ointment) is a water-based, waxy, or greasy substance used to style your hair in ways that wax or gels cannot. Pomade products are defined by their ability to give your hair a signature slick and shiny appearance. It’s also different from gels because of its ability to not dry out. It lasts longer than many hair care products, so in order to remove even water based pomade, you’ll need several washes to go about it. The price of its inability to dry out and its ability to give you a prolonged “wet look” is that it’s harder to remove than many other products (gels can easily be washed off and it “deactivates” after a certain period of time has passed). Originally, 18th and 19th century pomades were mainly made of bear lard or fat.

Know More about Pomades

The original ointment recipe for the pomade contained apples, hence its name (the root word of the French “pommade” is the Latin “pomum” meaning apple or fruit through the Italian “pomo” or “pomata”. In contrast, present-day pomades might contain fragrances, and not all of them are particularly fruity. However, there are some original pomade offerings out there promising the use of apples to get the stiffening look, but most pomades that are commercially available are of the water-based variety. Read more about pomade from this website menspomade.net

Aside from water-based pomades, you can also avail of pomades made of petroleum jelly, beeswax, and lanolin. All of these ingredients have been extensively used in manufacturing the present version of the pomade. This hairstyling substance is heavily used when making sculptured hairstyles like the quiff, ducktail, or pompadour. It’s able to make those hairstyles work because of its heavy-duty stiffening properties. It’s simply better than gel as far as hold and longevity is concerned.

With oil-based pomade, your hairstyle will last longer, but at the cost of your scalp because of its great harshness (plus it’s hard to remove; you need multiple washes to completely get it off). Thankfully, pomade enthusiasts could also avail of the more modern water-based pomade that has less greasiness but all of the other benefits of this hairstyling substance, particularly those with thick, coarse hair or people who wish to get afro-based hairstyles with a more moisturizing hold to them.

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