Ever Wonder What Is This Pomade All About?


You may have heard about pomade but you never have actually used it. When you want to style your hair with something strong, that is where pomade comes into the picture. If you’re going for those insane hairstyles that seem to defy gravity then a pomade can help you do the trick. If you’re not that concerned about looking edgy then you may not have encountered this product, however, in some special occasions, you might need the help of pomade to achieve your desired look. In order to make pomade work for you, you should know the basics of using it as well as how much yo should be putting on.

What is pomade? How can you style hair with it?

There is not a one box solution for hair. When you want the bets results you need to know how to use products and style them on your own. You can perfect this with a little trial and error on your part. It won’t take long and it makes all the difference. There are various types of pomade that you can choose from, this is because not everyone’s hair is the same. When you have dry hair you can find pomade products that cater to this type of hair. There are pomade products that help bring back the shine on your hair and there are some that make the wet look seem normal on your hair. There are also matte pomades that you can go for when you want big wavy curls that don’t look shiny and wet.

You don’t need to completely dry your hair when you use pomade. Just dry it out normally so that the pomade will stick and form better. It’s all in the matter of adjustment and knowing how well your hair adapts to pomade.

You don’t need to completely dry your hair when you use pomade. Just dry it out normally so that the pomade will stick and form better. It’s all in the matter of adjustment and knowing how well you hair adapts to pomade.


The Types of Pomade Available in the Market


The use of pomade has existed before but still, only a few men considered using it. That is why only a few knew about the benefits it can do to step up your hairstyle. Also, some people believed about only having one type of pomade, when in fact, there are several types to choose from.

Types of Pomade

Pomade comes at different brands, types, and prices, all of which depends on how the user will use it. One of the famous types is the oil-based pomade.

An oil-based pomade has been used since 1800’s. It majorly consists of bear fat but was then developed by using better materials like beeswax, petroleum, petrolatum, or soft paraffin. This type cannot be easily dissolved in water and one of its advantages is that it contains a lesser amount of chemicals compared to water-based pomade.

Meanwhile, there’s water-based pomade.

This is known to be the modern version of oil-based pomade. It uses mostly water, thus the name itself. The advantage of using this product is that it can be easily washed off, unlike the oil-based. Also, it has a set of levels when it comes to its hold and shine.

Some people chooses water-based during warm weather because it stays dry and easy to style with.  Also, since it can be washed easily, there’s no risk of product buildup on your hair and scalp. However, this product tends to cost more than the other type.

Why Use Pomade?

Pomades are easy to use; while providing the security, in terms of hold the hair, and style that the hair needs. It gives a regular hair a slicker, shinier look.

To apply the product, it is advised to start with a damp hair to achieve a more desirable outcome. Use your fingers to run through your hair while shaping it to your desired hairstyle. You can look in the magazines and online for inspiration. Be sure to do a research online about which brand would fit your needs and budget in terms of using pomade.


Water Based Pomade: What Can You Get Out Of It


The pomade (taken from the French word “pommade” meaning ointment) is a water-based, waxy, or greasy substance used to style your hair in ways that wax or gels cannot. Pomade products are defined by their ability to give your hair a signature slick and shiny appearance. It’s also different from gels because of its ability to not dry out. It lasts longer than many hair care products, so in order to remove even water based pomade, you’ll need several washes to go about it. The price of its inability to dry out and its ability to give you a prolonged “wet look” is that it’s harder to remove than many other products (gels can easily be washed off and it “deactivates” after a certain period of time has passed). Originally, 18th and 19th century pomades were mainly made of bear lard or fat.

Know More about Pomades

The original ointment recipe for the pomade contained apples, hence its name (the root word of the French “pommade” is the Latin “pomum” meaning apple or fruit through the Italian “pomo” or “pomata”. In contrast, present-day pomades might contain fragrances, and not all of them are particularly fruity. However, there are some original pomade offerings out there promising the use of apples to get the stiffening look, but most pomades that are commercially available are of the water-based variety. Read more about pomade from this website menspomade.net

Aside from water-based pomades, you can also avail of pomades made of petroleum jelly, beeswax, and lanolin. All of these ingredients have been extensively used in manufacturing the present version of the pomade. This hairstyling substance is heavily used when making sculptured hairstyles like the quiff, ducktail, or pompadour. It’s able to make those hairstyles work because of its heavy-duty stiffening properties. It’s simply better than gel as far as hold and longevity is concerned.

With oil-based pomade, your hairstyle will last longer, but at the cost of your scalp because of its great harshness (plus it’s hard to remove; you need multiple washes to completely get it off). Thankfully, pomade enthusiasts could also avail of the more modern water-based pomade that has less greasiness but all of the other benefits of this hairstyling substance, particularly those with thick, coarse hair or people who wish to get afro-based hairstyles with a more moisturizing hold to them.