Beautifying Your Home with a Unique Yet Affordable Piece of Art


Some may refer to it as “St. Cecilia”, while others simply know it as the “Venetian Gold”. The Santa Cecilia granite is the most popular, most stylish and most adored natural granite from Brazil. Saint Cecilia, in Christian belief, is the patroness of church music.

The Beauty of St. Cecilia in Your Own Home

Excavated near Sao Paolo, Brazil, this alluring stone is striking simply because of its color, gold, and white. Its golden color came from a lower depth which was refined over a million of years through the process of oxidation. Meanwhile, the white hue comes from the bigger depth which really is a faded version of the golden color.

Granites have existed even during the ancient times and St. Cecilia is a complete package of a perfect granite because of its qualities – dense, very hard and extremely durable. Aside from being just on the countertop of kitchens, this enticing stone is also used in backsplashes, flooring, bathrooms and/or in fireplaces.

Its beauty can perfectly enhance the entire home’s aura as each slab is completely unique. Never will you find any two pieces that look similar. What made this more piece more exciting it is main color – beige, which is marked with darker accents such as brown, gold and black.

What Makes Santa Cecilia Standout from the Crowd?

Aside from its uniqueness and beauty, this piece of the slab is surprisingly affordable. Although the price is not very expensive, it can give your home a look of sophistication and elegance. It will look best when matched with a glossy polished exterior. This pair can fit flawlessly an interior of traditional to contemporary, thus giving an exquisite overall appearance. Read more about this granite at