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Selecting a Meat Grinder for Your Own Kitchen

Meat grinders are not only found in grocery stores and meat shops. Today, it is also found in a lot of kitchen as an aid to food enthusiasts. It can be purchased manually or electric, small or big, depending on the user’s preference. If you’re looking for a perfect universal meat grinder, you have to learn tips on how to select a perfect kitchen aid.

Tips in Choosing Your Perfect Meat Grinder

•    Confused between having a small or large grinder? To determine the size, know where you will place the item after use.

•    Know which food re you most likely to make as this can determine what accessories, features and inclusions your grinder should have. Select a grinder that will make grinding less of a challenge. You have to keep in mind what kind of meats you are going to use mostly as some of it can either be too tough or soft.

•    Choose accessories that will make your cooking more convenient, easy and fun. Also, take note about its importance as this can help you save more if you know which accessories should come along with your grinder.

•    If you are planning to purchase a manual grinder, bear in mind that it can be frustrating and slow sometimes even whilst using large grinding plates.

•    Meanwhile, if you’re planning to go for the electric meat grinder, you should know that it can work pretty well even on tough meats. However, it is pricier than the manual one.

•    Choose a meat grinder provider that provides at least 1 – 2 years of warranty. The longer the better as this only shows how confident they are with their products.

A meat grinder should make your life easier when it comes to grinding meats, thus it is important to invest only on a high quality, long-lasting product.

Water Based Pomade: What Can You Get Out Of It

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The pomade (taken from the French word “pommade” meaning ointment) is a water-based, waxy, or greasy substance used to style your hair in ways that wax or gels cannot. Pomade products are defined by their ability to give your hair a signature slick and shiny appearance. It’s also different from gels because of its ability to not dry out. It lasts longer than many hair care products, so in order to remove even water based pomade, you’ll need several washes to go about it. The price of its inability to dry out and its ability to give you a prolonged “wet look” is that it’s harder to remove than many other products (gels can easily be washed off and it “deactivates” after a certain period of time has passed). Originally, 18th and 19th century pomades were mainly made of bear lard or fat.

Know More about Pomades

The original ointment recipe for the pomade contained apples, hence its name (the root word of the French “pommade” is the Latin “pomum” meaning apple or fruit through the Italian “pomo” or “pomata”. In contrast, present-day pomades might contain fragrances, and not all of them are particularly fruity. However, there are some original pomade offerings out there promising the use of apples to get the stiffening look, but most pomades that are commercially available are of the water-based variety.

Aside from water-based pomades, you can also avail of pomades made of petroleum jelly, beeswax, and lanolin. All of these ingredients have been extensively used in manufacturing the present version of the pomade. This hairstyling substance is heavily used when making sculptured hairstyles like the quiff, ducktail, or pompadour. It’s able to make those hairstyles work because of its heavy-duty stiffening properties. It’s simply better than gel as far as hold and longevity is concerned.

With oil-based pomade, your hairstyle will last longer, but at the cost of your scalp because of its great harshness (plus it’s hard to remove; you need multiple washes to completely get it off). Thankfully, pomade enthusiasts could also avail of the more modern water-based pomade that has less greasiness but all of the other benefits of this hairstyling substance, particularly those with thick, coarse hair or people who wish to get afro-based hairstyles with a more moisturizing hold to them.

Beautifying Your Home with a Unique Yet Affordable Piece of Art

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Some may refer to it as “St. Cecilia”, while others simply know it as the “Venetian Gold”. The Santa Cecilia granite is the most popular, most stylish and most adored natural granite from Brazil. Saint Cecilia, in Christian belief, is the patroness of church music.

The Beauty of St. Cecilia in Your Own Home

Excavated near Sao Paolo, Brazil, this alluring stone is striking simply because of its color, gold, and white. Its golden color came from a lower depth which was refined over a million of years through the process of oxidation. Meanwhile, the white hue comes from the bigger depth which really is a faded version of the golden color.

Granites have existed even during the ancient times and St. Cecilia is a complete package of a perfect granite because of its qualities – dense, very hard and extremely durable. Aside from being just on the countertop of kitchens, this enticing stone is also used in backsplashes, flooring, bathrooms and/or in fireplaces.

Its beauty can perfectly enhance the entire home’s aura as each slab is completely unique. Never will you find any two pieces that look similar. What made this more piece more exciting it is main color – beige, which is marked with darker accents such as brown, gold and black.

What Makes Santa Cecilia Standout from the Crowd?

Aside from its uniqueness and beauty, this piece of the slab is surprisingly affordable. Although the price is not very expensive, it can give your home a look of sophistication and elegance. It will look best when matched with a glossy polished exterior. This pair can fit flawlessly an interior of traditional to contemporary, thus giving an exquisite overall appearance.